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Office of Early Learning
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Kindergarten Early Admission


**For Commonly Asked Questions regarding Kindergarten Admissions, please click here.


Kindergartens in North Carolina currently enroll more than 100,000 children yearly. These programs provide educational environments that:
• address the individual needs of children
• promote competency in oral and written communication
• build knowledge of the physical world
• develop effective ways of interacting and cooperating with others
• encourage schools, families, and communities and businesses to share responsibilities for supporting children to become life-long learners and responsible citizens

Early Admission Requirements
As defined by General Statute 115C-364(d),

a) A child who has passed the fourth anniversary of the child's birth on or before April 16 may enter kindergarten if the child is presented for enrollment no later than the end of the first month of the school year and if the principal of the school finds, based on information submitted by the child's parent or guardian, that the child is gifted and that the child has the maturity to justify admission to the school. The State Board of Education shall establish guidelines for the principal to use in making this finding.

Although the Entry Date to Kindergarten has changed to August 31, the Early Admittance date remains April 16.

Early Admission evaluation requirements and responsibilities of the school and family can be found in the full School Board Policy.



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